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Part One: Adopting a Dog

  • Heidi

The Benefits of Bringing an Adult Dog Home

adult gray dogWhen you want to welcome a new addition into your family, it can be hard to resist the fluffy cuteness of a puppy. But, there are several advantages to bringing an adult dog home with you instead.

A dog can need a new home for a variety of reasons, not necessarily because of problems. Working with a rescue group or shelter that evaluates the dogs in their care can provide useful information on their personalities and temperaments prior to adoption. This insight makes it easier to help you find the perfect companion based on your lifestyle. But that isn’t the only advantage of bringing an adult dog home.

Avoid the Housetraining Hassle

When you adopt an adult dog, they may come housetrained already. If they aren’t housetrained, the training process is usually far easier. Unlike puppies, adult dogs have fully matured bladders and muscle control to help them “hold it” longer and reduce accidents.

Say Goodbye to Sharp Teeth and Growing Pains

Sure, puppies are cute, but their needle-like baby teeth can be a challenge. Add the growth spurts and hormonal changes they’re going through, and they can keep your hands full!

It’s hard to determine when a dog reaches maturity because it’s a sexual, physical, and emotional process for them, and it varies significantly from breed to breed. While most dogs have their adult teeth by six months of age, they aren’t considered an adult dog until they’re between one and two years of age.

Leave the Mystery Behind

It can be hard to predict a dog’s height, weight, and shape, especially if you adopt a mixed-breed puppy. When you choose an adult dog, however, what you see is what you get!

Before bringing an adult dog home, think about your lifestyle to help you find a great match. If you want to spend your time channel surfing, look for a relaxed couch potato. If you’re looking for a running companion, an athletic adult dog is probably more your speed.

No Sleepless Nights

Adult dogs, especially those five years of age and older, often adjust to new routines easier than puppies. They’re maturity also means they can hold their bladders all night, wait for mealtime, and won’t wake you up in the middle of the night missing their littermates. Many adult dogs are also more relaxed than puppies and settle into an established sleeping routine quickly.

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can learn any age. Many adult dogs looking for new homes already know basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Whether you’re working with them on the basics or want to strengthen your relationship with additional obedience training, adult dogs come ready to learn what it takes to be your best friend.

Save Some Money

In many cases, adult dogs have lower adoption fees. They’re also typically vaccinated, altered, and undergo a comprehensive veterinary exam before adoption. This means that any health issues or potential concerns are usually disclosed before you sign the adoption papers.

You Give a Dog a Forever Home

Perhaps most importantly, adult dogs bond with their humans just as easily as puppies do. But, sadly, the older an adoptable dog gets, the higher their risk of euthanasia. Before bringing a new dog home, consider your lifestyle and the advantages of adopting an adult or senior dog. If you’re still thinking about puppies, we have tips to guide you through that decision too.

Did you adopt an adult dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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