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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Brolio, Choji, Sirius, and Lyndon!

Bloomington Tail Waggers

Brolio and Choji August Tail Waggers 2018Golden doodle siblings Brolio and Choji have been coming to Wagging Tails for several years now. Brolio is nearly four years old and is the leader of the pack when it comes to little brother Choji.

Brolio insists on being Chief Greeter when his family comes home, and if two-and-a-half-year-old Choji beats him to the punch, pandemonium ensues. Choji obeys his big brother in most cases; he won’t even go outside or start eating until Brolio is ready. But, when it comes to joining his parents on the couch, Choji won’t take no for an answer. While Brolio watches and whines, Choji slides his entire body onto their laps leaving only the toes from his two hind feet on the floor. But, since Choji’s toes are still on the ground, he’s technically not breaking the rules!

Brolio and Choji are sweet dogs who are gentle but insistent when it comes to attention. It’s hard to resist their mournful eyes when treats are around, and they’ve saved their owners from ferocious squirrels and rabbits on more occasions than they can count! But most charming of all is the way the dogs love to stand on their hind legs and give full body hugs – especially if it means joining in the love if their parents are hugging. Who says dogs don’t like hugs?

What’s the best part of having these dogs in their lives? “Unconditional love for us,” owner Sam said. “And their consistent joyful temperament.”

Eagan Tail Waggers

Lyndon Sirius August Tail Waggers 2018Sirius and his little brother Lyndon love joining us at our Eagan location for very different reasons. At nearly 14 years of age, Sirius loves having a nice, sound nap while two-year-old Lyndon has plenty of teenage energy to burn!

Labrador retriever mix Sirius is so happy, he had to have his tail shortened because of “happy tail syndrome.” This sweet boy wagged his tail so hard with happiness he kept reopening a wound on his tail! It finally had to be shortened for safety. We have to agree with his owner Linda, Sirius is just that happy.

Linda also told us that Lyndon is the most expensive dog they’ve ever had. When this little Labrador was six months old, he was cuddling her on the couch and licking her face. It wasn’t long before Linda realized her diamond earring was missing! Lyndon had swallowed it, and it was never found. From that point on they kept a running list of everything he destroyed through chewing and eating. Linda says the current total is too embarrassing to share.

Sirius and Lyndon are both affection dogs. Where Sirius is very old and wise, Lyndon is playful, happy, and persistent. But what’s the best part of having them in their lives? “Sirius is 100% loyal and loving,” Linda said, “and Lyndon’s friendship.”

Congratulations Brolio, Choji, Sirius, and Lyndon!

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