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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Nala!

Our June Tail Wagger has been part of the Wagging Tails pack for two years now and just celebrated her third birthday with us!

Nala is a happy Fox Red Labrador who loves spending time playing fetch, swimming in the water, and going for walks. But her doggy daycare visits at The Resort are pretty high on her list, too. In fact, she gets so excited when she arrives that she was once described as a teenager seeing the Beatles for the first time!

At home, Nala loves being part of her family pack. She starts every day bright and early with her ears perked, ready to take on breakfast and the rest of the day. Her owners, Josh and Kristi, tell us that Nala is also great with kids, especially her new human little sister Nora. And, if anyone is holding Nora, Nala will supervise while sitting at their feet. But if the baby isn’t around, watch out because Nala will take her place on your lap!

When Nala isn’t busy taking care of her pack, you can often find her on the hunt – for food. Over the years, this professional counter surfer has gotten her paws on sticks of butter, chocolate chip cookies, a cooked chicken, and many other tasty treats. She’s also happy to sample anything you give her willingly.

Nala may be happy all the time, even when she’s exhausted, but she also has a destructive side, at least where toys are concerned. Josh and Kristi told us there are no chew toys that can survive Nala’s wrath, even the tough chewer options.

But what’s the best part of having Nala in their lives? “She is a fantastic companion,” Josh and Kristi said, “it is hard to imagine life without her.”

Congratulations, Nala!

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