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Limited mobility? No problem!

  • Heidi

Tips for Restricted Activity

Nothing sends a shudder down a dog owner’s spine like the words “restricted activity,” especially when they have a gregarious canine or enthusiastic puppy. After all, how can you burn off all that energy without physical activity? We’ve got good news for you – you can!

While dogs often need physical activity to stay fit and mentally healthy, sometimes, it’s just not an option. However, there are ways to keep your dog engaged and stimulated, whether they’re recovering from an injury or have limited mobility for other reasons. The added bonus? You can use each of these suggestions if you are non-ambulatory or need a way to entertain your pup on a rainy day.

Here’s a summary of our favorite ways to give dogs a workout without breaking a sweat.

Stuffed Kongs

If there’s one tool you should have in your doggie toolbox, it’s the mighty Kong. This workhorse of a toy keeps dogs busy, mentally engaged, and satisfies their urge to chew – all at the same time. And we’ve got stuffing and freezing tips so your Kong can entertain your dog even longer.

Snuffle Mats

Putting your dog’s nose to work is one of the best ways to keep them busy, and a snuffle mat makes it easier than ever. Whether you hide your dog’s kibble or a few tasty snacks, snuffle mats will put their nose to the test. Learn more about snuffle mats and how to make your own!

Licky Mats

Did you know that licking offers numerous benefits for dogs? Not only does the activity ease boredom, but it’s also a self-soothing behavior, slows eating, and supports good oral health. We’ve got the scoop on lick mats and how to make the most of them in your house.

Training & Reinforcement

Believe it or not, activity restriction is the perfect opportunity to train and reinforce basic commands. A few of our favorites include Sit, Down, Touch, and Settle. You can even practice verbal and nonverbal training cues!

New Smells

Need to shake things up? Do it through their nose! Humans have 6 million olfactory receptors, but dogs have up to 300 million, which makes smell games a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and engaged, and the possibilities are endless! Whether you bring natural objects indoors for your dog to smell or introduce them to fun and novel scents, like cinnamon or lavender, giving their nose a workout is fun for dogs and owners alike.

As you can see, restricted activity or limited mobility may mean less physical movement, but it doesn’t mean less fun. And it’s the perfect excuse for more snuggles and pets.

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