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Tail Wagger of the Month!

  • Heidi

Meet Max!

Congratulations to our March Tail Wagger of the Month, Maximus Dauphinais!

max english springer spanielWe’re pretty sure that when adorableness was being handed out, this 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel was given more than his fair share! His cuteness is amped up to the max thanks to the sweet liver-colored spots on his coat; after a haircut, they look like chocolate chips and earn him the nicknames “Maxie Chocolate Chipper” and “Maxie Chip Chop.”

Max has been coming to Wagging Tails since March of 2013 and has been a staff favorite from day one. Lots of the dogs who come to the Resort love to play, but Max loves the people more than the other puppies. This 50-pound baby boy is a champion snuggler and sometimes it seems like he can’t get enough belly rubs, people hugs, or time in our laps!

When he’s not at Wagging Tails, Max likes to help out around the house – especially when his owners Amanda and Matt aren’t at home. He uses his keen sense of design to rearrange the decorative pillows, moving them from room to room. One time, Max was being so helpful, he rooted through a stack of papers on the kitchen counter and ate one – an important tax document from his human brother’s daycare! He’s also very well-read, he insists on carrying the newspaper around the block on his walks.

Max is energetic, happy, and snuggly. He loves playing with his neighbor dog, Owen, who insists on playing “Follow the Leader” by pulling Max’s leash to lead him around the yard. When they tire of that, they love doing a little gardening… or, more accurately, chasing each other around in the flowerbeds!

The best part of having Max in their life? Amanda and Matt tell us that they love how excited Max can get. “He wiggles his butt in excitement so much when we come home from work! Sometimes he wiggles so much, it looks like he is sashaying.”

Congratulations, Max!

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