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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Denali, Breck, Sophie, and Noble!

Bloomington Tail Waggers

Breck and Denali March Tail WaggersSix-year-old Denali and her older brother Breck have been coming to our Bloomington location for over three years. Breck loves spending his doggy daycare “Playday ” in the pool and having one-on-one times with Play Coach Josh while Denali visits with her best-friend Sophia.

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and intelligence. They’re also one of the most popular dog breeds in the entire world. Owner Trisha fell in love with 9-year-old Breck when she was dating his dad Tory. Breck welcomed her to the family with an invitation to play – dropping his tennis ball in her wine glass to get her attention!

Denali has grown into a sweet diva who’s very protective of her older brother. She’s a snuggly lover, but also likes her own space and toys.

What the best part of having Denali and Breck in their lives? “She is very loving and is always up for a walk or snuggle time. He takes care of our family and makes sure we are all safe,” Trisha and Tory told us.

Eagan Tail Waggers

Sophie and Noble March Tail WaggersBernese Mountain Dog siblings Sophie and Noble have been part of our Eagan pack for the past year. When they stay with us, they love going for nature walks!

Sophie and Noble love to be with their family. These pups are both very lovable and gentle, but they have distinct personalities as well. Sophie loves being the center of attention while Noble always wants to play – even standing up on his hind legs to give hugs.

According to the Ansite Family, their dogs’ gentleness around kids is their most special quality.

Congratulations Sophie, Noble, Denali, and Breck!

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