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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Fielder, Duke, and Fiona!

Bloomington Tail Wagger

Our Bloomington Tail Wagger is a two-year-old American Staffordshire terrier who has been enjoying doggy daycare “Playday” sessions and Overnights with us since he was a puppy.

June Tail WaggerFielder loves meeting and playing with new dogs everywhere he goes, but he loves wrestling with his human, Brady, best! Each wrestling match ends with a cuddle session on the living room floor while Fielder lays there happy and content.

When owners Brady and Monica get home, Brady loves to greet them with hugs. Joining them on the couch, he rests his head on their shoulders until he’s had enough affection is ready to play.

Fielder is a curious and joyful dog. He’s happy lounging with Brady or being active with Monica. While he can be a bundle of energy, his sweet nature always makes him a joy to be around. He’s also an adorable boy who loves to cuddle, but sometimes forgets his size. When Brady and Monica least expect it – usually while they’re sleeping – Fielder plops down on their stomachs and knocks the wind out of them!

What’s the best part of having Fielder in their lives? “The companionship,” Monica and Brady told us. “We both travel for work, so having a dog who is so excited to see us every time we come home is one of the best things!”

Eagan Tail Waggers

Siblings Duke and Fiona take the honors this month in Eagan!

Duke and Fiona June Tail Waggers An eight-year-old Great Dane mix, Duke takes his responsibilities as a big brother very seriously. When he’s not enjoying the water during Pool Days, he’s always watching out for little sister Fiona to make sure she’s okay and safe.

Sweet natured Fiona loves to greet the Wagging Tails staff with big smiles that brighten their days. But, this five-year-old Chihuahua mix is absolutely devoted to her older brother. When they join us for Overnight boarding, they come with their own bed so there’s plenty of room for cuddling.

Duke and Fiona have been part of the Wagging Tails pack since 2014. Sometimes they interact with other dogs during their visits, but they prefer people far more – especially when those people deliver butt scratches! When you get the scratch just right, Fiona will even sing to let you know just how much she loves it!

Most of all, though, Duke and Fiona adore their owners Jeana and Jada.

Congratulations Fielder, Duke, and Fiona!

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