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Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

If POOL DAYS have wet your dog’s appetite for swimming adventures, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to get you ready for the beach this summer!

  • dog in waterNot all dogs are good swimmers. In fact, some dogs aren’t built for it! If your dog has a shorter snout, for example, they might prefer hanging out poolside. Remember, never force a dog in the water.
  • Size matters. Water makes everything heavier, including your dog! If you already have a hard time lifting your dog on land, make sure you have an exit strategy to help them out of the water if they need it.
  • Life vests are good for everyone. When you hit the water in your boat, canoe, or kayak, don’t forget a life vest for your dog. Not only do they help them float, life vests make it easier to spot your dog and get them back onboard if they end up in the water.
  • Supervision is key. Dogs don’t know how to float or tread water, so they can tire out quickly while swimming. Be sure you stay close so you can help your dog if they need it, and never leave them unattended.
  • Wait to take the plunge. This may not surprise you, but a dog who doesn’t listen on land won’t listen in the water either. Before you take your adventures into the deep end, make sure your dog knows basic obedience commands like “come” and “stay.”
  • Don’t drink the water. Not all water is safe for drinking or swimming, so learn to recognize the signs of blue-green algae. When in doubt, stay out of the water or contact Minnesota Pollution Control at 651-757-2419. If it’s safe for your dog to swim, keep them parasite-free by having plenty of fresh drinking water nearby.
  • There can be too much of a good thing. Believe it or not, your dog can drink too much water – especially while swimming. When they drink too much, it can cause serious health problems and even death. Water intoxication can affect all types of dogs, so supervise them at all times and don’t allow them to consume too much water while playing.
  • Rinse your dog. When your dog is done in the lake, river, or pool, be sure to rinse them off and dry their ears. This step removes anything that might irritate their skin and dry ears prevent infections from developing. Take it to the next level with a bath or full service groom!

Don’t have a water lover on your hands? There’s still plenty of fun to be had on dry land! Check out of our list of dog-friendly activities to make the most of summer, take your dog on a hike, or whip up some simple frozen treats for your pup! Whatever you do, remember to keep those paws safe when the temperatures are on the rise!

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