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Hitting the Road!

  • Heidi

Making the Car Safer for You and Your Dog

It may seem like a good idea to drive with your dog on your lap — or let them ride shotgun — but that can lead to distracted driving and accidents. And, in newer cars, you run the risk of an airbag deploying which could cause serious injury.

Whether you’re hitting the road on a summer adventure or running your dog to Wagging Tails for a Playday session, there are several safety options available that can keep you both safe until you reach your destination.

  • dog in car windowBuckle Up! Seatbelts aren’t just for humans anymore. There are harnesses and confinement systems available for dogs too!
  • Crated for Comfort. There’s a reason why so many dogs love their crates; their den-like qualities make them feel safe and secure.
  • Create a Barrier. If your dog is always on the move, try a barrier to keep them where they belong. These specialty systems can be secured in place in no time at all.
  • Zip Lines for Movement. To give your dog freedom to move that’s safe for both of you, install a zip line system from your cargo hooks. This keeps your dog tethered in place!
  • Give them a Boost. Car seats and boosters are not only designed to keep smaller dogs in a secure location, they can also give them a better view out the window!

Not all car restraint systems designed for dogs have undergone safety testing. To choose the right seatbelt or car crate for your pooch, visit the Center for Pet Safety to review their recent tests and recommendations.

And for those times when you can’t take your dog with you, remember that we’re here to pamper your pooch in one of our overnight luxury suites.

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