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Making the Most of Summer

  • Heidi

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate with Your Dog

If you ask us, the Fourth of July officially marks the start of summer. With only two months left before fall returns, we want you to make the most of it! This week we’re here with fun ideas to help you make the most of the season with your dog.

  • dog with hoseMake a splash. When you’re looking for a fun way to beat the heat with your dog, turn on the sprinkler! This simple idea is an easy way to take your next game of fetch to the next level. And, if your dog loves water, don’t forget to schedule some time for POOL DAYS!
  • Explore Minnesota! With our extensive state park system, it’s easy to find a new hiking trail to explore. New to the trails? We can help you get started hiking with your dog.
  • Try agility. Do you have a sporty or energetic dog on your hands? Build an agility course in your backyard! A hula hoop, mesh tunnel, and a broom can help get you started – or check out these simple plans from Modern Dog Magazine.
  • Get cooking. Summers are all about the BBQ which means fun for you AND your dog! Call up some friends and pull out the grill; the extra social time and delicious food will do you both good.
  • Go for ice cream. I scream, you scream, and now your dog will scream for ice cream! When you ask for their serving, keep it dog-friendly and request a Pup Cup. These treats are available at several places like Dairy Queen and Starbucks.

Looking for more ideas to have some summer fun with your dog? We’ve got you covered, just click here! And remember, when the temperatures are on the rise, don’t forget to keep your dog safe.

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