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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

  • Heidi

Our Favorite Dog Walking Gear For Winter

It’s hard to keep up with Minnesota weather sometimes, especially when days start to get longer and hints of spring are in the air. One minute, you’re walking in the rain and the next? You’re doing the Minnesota Shuffle to avoid slipping on ice. This may be a minor annoyance for most people, but it can offer unique challenges to devoted dog walkers.

While it can be tempting to stay inside when the winter winds blow, temps drop, or icy moats block every path, that may not work for our dogs. Fortunately, we can help make those outings more enjoyable – it all comes down to having the right gear.

We’ve talked about what our dogs need before. In this post, we’re taking a look at what the dog walker should have at the ready this time of year.

1. Traction Aids

Whether you walk near or far, it’s crucial to have traction aids to keep you safely on your feet. Falls are a leading cause of head injuries and broken bones, and slipping on the ice is a sure way to run into problems.

Play it safe and get some traction cleats. Our personal favorite is STABILicers, and we’ve worn more than one pair down to the nubs over the years! The most important thing is to find an option that allows you to walk comfortably and confidently – slip free.

2. Rubber Boots

No one loves getting wet feet, but it’s become an increasingly common problem in recent years, even in winter! However, those cute rain boots for spring aren’t going to offer much protection in frigid ankle-deep water. That’s where a good pair of multi-season rain boots come in handy.

After our first cold, wet walk during a January thaw, we upped our boot game and purchased an insulated, waterproof, anti-slip pair. The best part? They work with our traction aids, so we didn’t have to worry about hidden ice underneath all that melted snow.

3. Heated Gloves

We’re not gonna lie – this sounds self-indulgent. But it’s also a game-changer when the cold winds blow, especially when nothing else keeps your hands warm. You can find these rechargeable accessories in glove and mitten form. Our new favorite is a lightweight glove liner. The battery packs are a bit bulky, but we love being able to use them inside our Choppers, and they leave our fingers nimble enough to open poop bags without baring any skin.

Really want to treat yourself? Get some heated socks too.

4. Pet Training Bag

The idea of wearing a training bag may seem a little embarrassing, but trust us – it’s worth it, especially in winter. Our favorite has a large area to store treats, so we don’t have to take our gloves off to reach them. It also comes with two handy poop bag dispensers, so you’re never left in the lurch on an outing. Plus, wearing it on a belt around your waist keeps everything within easy reach whenever you need it.

5. Treat Dispenser

Tired of freezing your hands to treat your dog but can’t bring yourself to wear a training bag? Look no further than the Kibble Bubble Dog Treat Pouch. This little silicone marvel makes it easy to access treats without taking off gloves and mittens – just squeeze and shake into your palm! Just clip it to your leash or coat, and you’ll always have treats at the ready.

The weather may not be perfect every day, but the right gear can make the worst days a little easier.

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