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Warm Weather Gear

  • Heidi

Keeping Dogs Warm During Winter

The holidays may be over, but it’s never too late to spoil your pup – especially since Santa Paws told us so many dogs were on his “nice list” this year! And what better excuse than keeping them warm and toasty all winter long?

This week, we’re looking at some of our favorite dog gear. With these tools in your closet, the cold winds will never bring you down!

Cold Weather Jackets

Whether you have a freeze baby on your hands or a dog who dreams of running the Iditarod, it’s crucial to provide protection against the elements when the temps drop. One of our favorite brands for winter jackets is Hurtta. They have options that protect dogs from cold and windy weather, ranging from light softshells to quilted and weatherproof varieties. They even have an Extreme Warmer that offers protection in temps as low as -20 – including a dog’s head and ears.

Indoor and Outdoor Full Body Coverage

Most dogs don’t need this level of protection, but if you have a pooch who is extremely sensitive to cold, it’s time to go full coverage. This type of gear comes in several options, like fleece for cozy comfort indoors and insulated snowsuits for added warmth outside. We’ve even known dogs who double down on both – layering fleece jammies and winter jackets when they go outdoors during the winter months.


Do you struggle to keep booties on your dog in winter? It’s time to try doggie leggings. These dog boots offer a great solution for even the hardest-to-fit paws because they attach to stretchy leggings that you secure over your dog’s back. The best part? Brands like Walkee Paws have outdoor dog leggings for every season, whether you need paw protection against cold and salt or burning pavements and rough terrain.

Sleeping Bags & Beds

One of the easiest ways to pamper your pooch in the winter simply involves a cozy place to snooze. We’ve talked about how to pick the PAWfect bed in the past, but what about when you’re on the go? Investing in a sleeping bag just for your dog makes it easy to keep your dog comfortable – and many come with additional insulation and cushioning so that you’re ready for every outing on the horizon.

Helping Harness

Finally, sometimes the best winter gear is all about giving your dog a helping hand, and that’s where the Help ‘Em Up Harness® comes in. These handy harnesses provide full body lifting for dogs, whether they have arthritis, a surgical repair, or difficulty navigating snow and ice. Help ‘Em Up harnesses come in 5 sizes, and they’re suitable for dogs 10-225 pounds.

Looking for other ways to pamper your pooch this season? Check out our DIY grooming products and sweet potato “cookies”! And remember, if it’s too cold to send your kids out to play, it’s not safe for your dog.

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