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What’s in a Name?

  • Heidi

Popular Dog Names Top Dog NamesDeciding to welcome a new dog into your home is an important decision and we have tips to help you along the way, but what about naming your furry new companion? According to a survey by, there’s more to naming than meets the eye – in fact, a pet’s name often says a lot about their owner!

With so many people who consider pets a part of the family, it’s not a surprise to learn that human names top the list of popular dog names. Human names have seen a solid increase over the years and now make up 28% of dog names in America. A few in the top spots include Bella, Max, Lucy, Charlie, Daisy, Buddy, Lola, Cooper, Luna, and Jack – classics that also reveal many dog owners turn to pop culture for inspiration! Do you have a Harry, Jasper, Bayleaf, or Khaleesi in your household? You’re not alone! Popular sources include Pokemon, ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ Star Wars, and Twilight making dog names drawn from TV, movies, or book characters 53% of dog names in the country.

Additional 2016 trends in dog naming included politics, powerful women, and favorite foods! See where your dog’s name ranks by visiting the full list!

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