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Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Note of Thanks

Dear Wagging Tails Clients:

We love Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect start to a holiday season of merrymaking, spending time with loved ones, and overindulging on delicious food and sweets. Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie aside, Thanksgiving sets a tone of thankfulness for the entire season to come.

Last year in honor of the holiday, we shared the top 10 reasons why we’re thankful for dogs. This year, we want to share the reasons why we’re thankful for you – our clients.

  1. thank you from Wagging Tails Pet ResortSmiles. Your frequent smiles and kind words make each of our days more enjoyable.
  2. Devotion. We love how devoted you are to your dogs, it shows in every interaction.
  3. Support. Your willingness to support our fundraisers like Cuts for the Cure and our Holiday Giving Tree make us proud to have you as part of the Wagging Tails family.
  4. Kindness. You never cease to surprise and delight us with your kind gestures, like bringing treats to celebrate your dog’s birthday!
  5. Your dogs! Last but not least, we are thankful to you for sharing your dogs with us! Each of their smiles, kisses, and tail wags make every day a little brighter.

These are just a few of the things that make us thankful to have you for clients. Thank you for trusting the care of your dogs to us and for your continued support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle, Andrea, Keith & The Wagging Tails Staff

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