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Keeping Your Dog Engaged

Fun – and Easy! – Enrichment Ideas

It’s no secret that we LOVE providing enrichment activities for our dogs. But we also know it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out where to start. And how can you keep things fresh and exciting for your dog day after day? That’s why we had to share this Facebook post from Paws Ability Dog Training.

With more than 30 puzzle feeding ideas for supervised enrichment, the guide takes the guesswork out of adding brain games to your dog’s daily schedule. As you might expect, they include standard favorites, like stuffed and frozen Kongs, Snuffle Mats, Licky mats, and commercial “wobbler-style” food dispensers. But there’s also so much more — and many ideas use things you probably have at home!

Some of our favorite activities make use of:

  • A muffin tin and toys or balls
  • Empty yogurt containers, boxes, and egg cartons
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Badminton birdies
  • Plastic cups

Not only do these enrichment ideas keep dogs stimulated and challenged, but they can also help them game confidence – and it all happens while they’re having a meal.

Ready to get started? Check out their post for all the details.

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