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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Tip, Flash, and Doc!

Bloomington Tail Wagger

Two-year-old Tip is a Doberman who’s been part of our pack for a year, but that hardly begins to describe this unique and loyal girl.

Tip shares her home with her owners, Alex and Tom, five human brothers, one human sister, and two cat sisters – one fat and one small. Alex and Tom, describe Tip as a total unicorn, and we couldn’t agree more. Between only having one eye and a congenital balance issue, everything about this girl sets her apart and adds to her charm. Not only does she tip over a lot, but she also runs sideways and even prances like a reindeer when she wants to play!

When Tip comes to our Bloomington location, she loves hanging out with her friends in the playroom and spending one-on-one playtimes with staff.

At home, Alex and Tom say that Tip is very loyal, loving, and wants to play all the time. But her prancing and bonky running style are their favorite things ever. They also love that Tip tucks herself into bed every night at 9:15, no matter what’s happening. “Cutest thing ever,” they said. “A girl needs her beauty rest!”

Eagan Tail Wagger

Siblings Flash (left) and Doc (right) share the prize as top dogs at our Eagan location this month!

These two handsome Shiba Inus have been coming to WTPR since they were puppies – Flash for approximately four years and Doc for two. During their visits, Flash likes to supervise the playroom while Doc wrestles with his friends or plays “chase.”

At home, their owners, Ken and Pashia, say that Flash is the king of the castle. With his dominant and protective personality, you can usually find this smart and observant boy watching over everything from the perfect perch. Doc is Flash’s opposite. When he’s at home, you can often find this submissive and goofy boy playing ball for hours or cuddling.

What’s the best part of having Flash and Doc in their lives? “Their love and loyalty towards us,” Ken and Pashia said. “Life just wouldn’t be the same, or as crazy, if they weren’t in it.”

Congratulations Tip, Flash, and Doc!

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