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Get Ready for National Pet Month

  • Heidi

15 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog in May!

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t every day made for celebrating your dog? YES! But now you have the perfect excuse to kick it up a notch because May is National Pet Month!

Here are 15 fun ways to honor your dog and the joy they bring to your life all month long.

  1. Share pics of your pooch on social media
  2. Explore new places together
  3. Pamper them with tasty treats, like frozen Kongs or homemade “cookies
  4. Play a new game, like fetch or hide-and-seek
  5. Snuggle up and watch a dog-themed movie
  6. Treat them to new toys, like a flirt pole – or go DIY and make your own!
  7. Work on strengthening your bond
  8. Up their mental engagement with brain games
  9. Teach them something new
  10. Practice your canine communication skills
  11. Let them be part of a pack
  12. Schedule a grooming or vet appointment
  13. Make sure their microchip and ID tags are up-to-date
  14. Prepare a pet emergency plan and first aid kit
  15. Support a local animal shelter or rescue organization

Of course, the most important thing you can do is show your dog you love them, and the easiest way to do that is by spending time together. Whether you squeeze in another walk in or give them an extra cuddle, take a few moments to celebrate your dog and the joy the bring you this month.

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