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Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Heidi

Celebrating Puppy Love

When it comes to dogs, there are lots of reasons to love them – we’ve even highlighted a few of them in the past. So why not spend this Valentine’s Day showing them? This list hits the sweet spot when it comes to celebrating puppy love.

  • a smiling woman hugs her dogBelly Rubs. It doesn’t get any easier than curling up with your favorite pooch to smother her with pets and belly rubs. Amp up your pup’s pleasure by reading to her while you do it, she loves the sound of your voice! Try one of these great books featuring dogs.
  • Make Them Smile. How many times each day does your dog bring a smile to your face? Now you can return the favor! This list is filled with silly suggestions that will have you both smiling in no time.
  • New Toys. Who doesn’t love a new toy? Offering dogs mental stimulation and physical activity is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. Our list of easy DIY dog toys are ready so fast, you’ll want to make them all!
  • The Spa Treatment. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Whether you need a nail grind or a full-service package, all of our Canine Spa services come with lots of love, hugs, and kisses. We want to make sure that your Valentine not only looks her best but feels her best too.
  • Tasty Treats. Nothing spoils a dog more than a homemade dog treat! Made in your own kitchen using wholesome ingredients, this recipe is spot on no matter the season. Grab those heart shaped cookie cutters to add an even more festive flare.

Remember, human Valentine celebrations are not always good for canines. Keep flowers and candies out of reach, and, unless you’ve discussed it with your special someone in advance, do not give an animal as a gift. Each year many pets that are given as gifts end up surrendered to shelters around the country. No matter how sweet and romantic the gesture may seem, be sure to do plenty of research and involve the recipient in the decision.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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